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Gps problem on the Huawei of my girlfriend

hi my girlfriend recently buy a Huawei P Smart 2019 because are s7 edge is dying at the battery, when what is on the game the icon does not move it remains fixed someone would have a solution? have tried to make a route with Maps but it does not work forever the icon this gives back not moved once arrived 1 minute from the destination except that it can not play like that forever there would not you a way to correct this problem?

Hey J_U_R_4_S_S_l_C, could you ask your girlfriend to try some of the troubleshooting steps on our FAQ here and see if it helps:

Some players had also suggested on this thread that toggling off the Improve Location Accuracy button on your device should fix this problem as well: GPS marker in game don't move when Google Improve location accuracy is On

If your girlfriend is still having issues after trying those steps, could you ask her to contact our support team here at with her support key? Thanks!

it still does not improve with pokémon go that very well but Jurassic still remains motionless

Have you tried this?

On my Huawei Mate 20 and a P20 of a friend it worked immediately

If that doesn’t work have you tried a GPS app? That’s what worked for me. I app is called GPS status and tool bar

do you have links?