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GPS struggles


Is anyone else having trouble with their GPS? Whenever I’m in a car the GPS just jumps around and I end up missing stops and dinos

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My GPS issues are more of it deciding my GPS isn’t enabled and not moving than just jumping around.


Are you using an Ipad in your car? My Ipad jumps around a lot and especially in areas where the towers are distant. I have areas around me where gps on my Ipad completely goes out. My phone doesn’t jump around. It just sticks and quits updating my position.


Galaxy so. This wasnt an issue before the 1.6 update


It’s new with the update . . . Can’t tell you how many times I’ve tapped like mad to get an epic that just went through my availability darting range. Or just had it hang in one spot not moving or been in long island when I’m in queens or Jersey.

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Hubby’s gps hasn’t worked for months. It would put him in the middle of a field and other odd places. He gave up trying to fix it after trying everything and tonight, by some miracle, it was working perfectly. Really hoping it is something that was done at headquarters and it is a permanent fix :slightly_smiling_face: