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Gps system total failure … again!


LUDIA can we please get this GPS system fixed because i am sick and tired of losing battle after battle due to the GPS glitching / bugging out / freezing right in the middle of a battle so far in the last week alone i have lost well over 25 battles because of this GPS failure. why is this happening LUDIA only knows but it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, as for me i will no longer be playing any more battles until this problem is * properly and permanently fixed * end of story !. also i am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are thousands of other players out there as well suffering from the same annoying glitch / bug and like me they too would very quickly stop playing the battle mode because they too are becoming annoyed / sick & tired of the game bugging out right in the middle of game play day after day week after week.can it please be fixed as quickly as possible thanks.
( see attached pictures of game screen freezes during battle mode for information regarding current glitch )
kind regards

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in what way does the game use gps during a battle?


I’m sorry to see that you’re having some issues with the battle in the game @JoeVolcano27. I know it can be frustrating and there are some troubleshooting steps here that could help: Lost a battle I was winning
If the problem persists after you try those steps, reach out to our support team at with your support key and our team would be glad to try and help you as well.


I’ve had GPS flip out mostly on my Ipads but haven’t yet had it affect anything during battles… so far.


unfortunately i have, it is a constant problem for some reason and i do not know why.?.
battle after battle is lost completely because i get a message of * you have been disconnected from your GPS system and the game suddenly drops out and by the time the GPS comes back online ( re-appears on my mobile phone while i am out and about doing battles ) i get another pop up message that sums it all up.

  • your opponent has won * this really gripes / grinds my biscuit ( i wont put what i really feel like saying here as it would be considered rude !. ) but generally it annoys the blasted hell out of me i do battles to advance up the leader board but how in the bleeding heck can i when the GPS system keeps dropping out on me all the time .?.
    In the pictures posted above you can see just how often it has been occurring during the battle phase so many different creatures losing battles on so many fronts because the GPS system glitches out more often than a pop up toaster does at breakfast time in the morning :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: !

GPS error update today the 31st December 2018 regarding GPS glitch, also a reply to the question posed by Julien_Mayfair earlier on some 16 days ago ( sorry about delay in replying too Julien i have been very busy with family christmas outings lately ). also note times of occurrence by clock in top right hand corner of each picture !
My GPS problem is still there annoying the blazes out of me time and again like a mischievous child that pops up when you least expect it, i have found that the GPS problem occurring during the battle phase drops me off the server thereby cutting my internet link with the game and very quickly too i might add. when this happens everything goes to hell in a hand basket and 9 times out of 10 i lose the battle when this happens. the purple GPS radar icon appears and everything goes bug out and i get a whole series of error messages that pop up one after another ( see attached picture for reference as to what i mean about error messages ) basically each one of them has a different number attached to it but it can be that many errors surely .?. if i was an extra on the movie set of ALIEN i would grab my swivel cannon load it with enough ammo to kill an army of xenomorphs ( aliens ) and go on a bug hunt to get me some of those critters by the thousands… lol
anyhow the picture explains it all have fun technicians sorting out all those game error messages and what the heck those squirrely numbers mean because i sure as hell am confused as all heck what they are lol

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I am facing the same issues and I have lost like a series of battles. Why can’t we have an option to control the gaming performance like high and low, where we can use high when we are out on the streets hunting for DNA and low performance for battles. I don’t see the point why the battles need to have an high speed connection. This is highly irritating. Ludia needs to fix this right away


Yup GPS errors suck. My transit to and from work… Staring at an error screen. Today that meant 4 hours of trying to play a game.


Ok, I know on my phone for data to work in any decent way, I have to see “LTE” symbol next to the signal strength bar.

So you first picture shows a decent 4G connection. The error 21428 is that your disconnected form Google Play… not JWA. This one erks me.

Your second picture shows an “!” on the wi-fi connections which is why you got disconnected.

Your 3rd picture shows very low signal with no “4G” on it which I think is why your disconnected in that one. No data stream.

Next row partial 4th and 5th picture show no signal at all on the signal bar.

The last picture shows half bars but no 4G which means your getting phone signal but not data signal. The 3G, 4G and LTE are data connection symbols. Of course 3G is really slow. These display when you have a date connection.

What I don’t see is a GPS issue. That is a big red bar across the top of the screen and no map will show because it doesn’t know where you are.

Looking more closely at your first post, I think those are some kind of display issues that happen after playing a string of battles. Both me and my wife get these on our Ipads after 4 or 5 battles in a row and need to kill and reload the game. I don’t understand why this happens except to remember to kill and reload the game often if your going to battle a lot. I don’t have this problem on my phone which has an Android operating system. I think it has something to do with the IOS software as this only happens on my Ipads. So not much of a help on the display issues.

GPS wise, there are places close by around and in woods, down by the river where my Ipad GPS actually goes out completely with the red bar and no map. I know when I’m getting close to these spots when my GPS starts bouncing back and forth and dancing around a good quarter mile or so.

Hope I was a bit more help than @Ned .


Unfortunately this is a really wierd problem because I was standing no more than 50 feet from a local node / server tower near where I live which has me puzzled as to why I keep getting these screwy drop outs / game freezes / GPS vanishing points when I am so close to the actual node I could hit it with a golf ball .?. Really really wierd indeed. But the other thing is this I have an * ultra high speed connection = 49.5 Mbps * and usually there is hardly any problems at all but lately it’s been drop out after drop out where GPS is concerned… it’s either something screwy with the game GPS software going ka ka = ( dies suddenly ) or I suck big time when it comes to getting my monies worth from the game itself, if that is the case then I might as well pack my bags and head out on the first available space shuttle to a galaxy far far away … lol :thinking:. :thinking:. :thinking:


I see what you did there… Nice I’m gonna quit paying you hint.

That issue you have happens alot. In my past alliances and my game…

The GPS errors I like the most is when it moves you around the supply drops. It’s like magnets lol and I’ve seen it happen rapidly making it look like a pinball.

I think they need to make thier GPS accuracy to +/- 15 feet not 30.