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GPS wonky


I have an iPhone XS and the GPS with this game seems to go wonky on a regular basis making it unplayable. The only way to resolve the GPS is to wait it out (it’s sort itself out after about 10 minutes or so) or restart. The problem: if walking or riding in a car, the gps (err, map) moves erratically and drastically in all directions. It does this for a while before settling down but often requires a restart before it’ll resolve. It’s really annoying.

What’s odd is that I can open Google Maps or Pogo and the GPS immediately goes to the correct location and tracks me normally. Go back to JWA and we’re back to erratic, all over the place, movements.

This has been going on for weeks and I’ve been hoping a fix would have come by now but no luck. Is there a way to resolve this other than waiting it out or restarting?


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Try reinstalling the game.
If it still doesn’t work, then hopefully @John or some of the other support comes over.


Do you have any other apps like a GPS modifier?
Or anything in general that accesses your gps?


No. No GPS modifiers or anything. Completely legit install/gameplay. No jailbreak either. Like I said, GPS works fine for other games/apps only an issue with JWA.

I’ll try the reinstall as suggested above and see if that changes anything.

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Hope it does =)
Sometimes certain devices dont work well, or they have their own particular problem.
Like 1 phone has the character jump in 5 second intervals. The other has a pitch black screen. Etc.


Just posted something and it got hidden.


Hope it works :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey there, @DinoSeeker, that is certainly some interesting behavior that you are witnessing in the game! If reinstalling the game doesn’t help, reach out to our support team at, including your support key and any relevant screenshots or videos, so that our team can provide additional troubleshooting steps and investigate this more closely.


Dumb question: How/where do I get this support key from?


You can find this on the main loading screen, bottom-middle! It’s a series of eight capital letters.


On the iPhone you can also find your support key by going to settings and selecting Jurassic World Alive from your list of apps. Not sure if it can also be found on Android devices like this.

This might be a way people can get it if they can’t get the app to start.

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