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Grammar in dialogues

Hi Guys, is it just me who is a bit annoyed by the grammatical errors in the dialogues? Often, the guys say “they” instead of “he or she/him or her” when talking about another person… I know it’s maybe a bit particular or even petty, but at same time I think it shouldnt be that difficult to fix this :smiley:

I think they’re trying to stay gender neutral with that. I have seen a few misspellings and also instances where Dominic was called Adam or Sam’s counterpart was asked if he is the one with blonde hair. I do wish they’d fix those type of things, they kinda jolt you back to reality and we don’t want that lol.

I usually only see them use “they/them” when referring to MC since MC can be either gender while established characters are given gender-specific pronouns unless the character is non-binary. Or when the story is referring to the match character as “they/them”, which I don’t really mind.

It may be the case that Lovelink was programmed to have all pronouns referring to both MC and the match outside of dialogue/chats to be gender neutral so that they wouldn’t have to be manually edited for each character to keep things simple for the writers and/or programmers.

I did see William refer to their fiance as “they/them”, but I don’t really mind it in cases like that and it’s probably to leave the sexuality of the character more unknown and open than if the writers had assigned a gender. I wouldn’t have minded that either, but I see what they may have been going for by not doing so. I’m fine with it being either way, personally.