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Graphic for priority rules


I made a graphic summarizing how the priority is working in this game with the essential rules ! It’s important to know them since sometimes the game can be misleading with the in-game icon for the fastest dinosaur.

Hope it helps !

Priority in the Instant Charge
I always lose priority when dinos have the same speed attack
Priority with level or Rarity?
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Ludia : You need to rework your (broken) speed system

This should be an ingame loading screen


Now that you’ve made it, you’re obligated to post it on any/everyone’s post who complains about a bot, glitch, or hack because they don’t understand priority :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Seriously, though, Ludia should use this and give you compensation for it. Good work :+1:t2:


The arrow diagram seems confusing. It’s pointing toward the slower/lower dino. I think you should redo it so it’s not so cluttered and confusing.


Thank you, this is excellent and very helpful.

I know these are the rules, although in my experience no. 4 always favors the opponent… and I have a fast phone (Galaxy S9+) :thinking:

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I think it’s fine. It’s like using the greater than and less than signs.
1 > 0
1 < 2

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Yes you are right and it’s exactly why I made this :grinning: I will make more trying to explain game mechanics. Feel free to share !

Thanks :blush:

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Yes this rule is… Surprising :thinking:

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That’s nice, very clear and easy to read. Though maybe it should feature ‘priority’ moves (like Instant Charge) and swap in moves (like swap in strike) too as some people dont seem to understand those either


You are right and I’m working on something about this too!
I’m just waiting for the update to drop to double check mechanics :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for this! I always get so frustrated when it says I go first and the other person winds up going before me. I know a lot of ppl have the dinos memorized in terms of speed but I certainly don’t. :sweat_smile: super helpful dude !

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