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[Graphic] Not sure what to dart today?


Today, we are worrying about the new tournament, how the alliances are going, how many bugs were introduced or how many trophies are we going to lose with the next win. And that’s important.

But we should not forget that we have a good dino to dart today : dimetrodon ! I’m starting a new graphic serie based on featured dino. I hope it will help you to get the best from the event :smiley:

You can check my previous graphic here : Graphic for priority rules

Hope it helps !

Quakeur tips : paramoloch & tuoramoloch edition
Darting tips : Diplodocus edition
Irritator : darting choice of the day
Darting tips : Dracorex edition
Darting tips : sinoceratops edition

Thanks for adding these to the forum. Helping out the players!

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Cool graphic @quakeur, like all the info, are those stats at lv 26?

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Opened the game for the first time in two weeks today and found out Dimetrodon is an event dino. I may have a shot at creating Magnapyritar after all :star_struck:

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Those are some awesome pictures man and informative also. Would love to use some of your future ones in my video series when I do strike events…but of course I’d never do that without your permission.

Great work mate :sunglasses:

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Thanks !

Yes those are the new 1.5 stats at base level ie level 26. I’ll try to add this information next time if it fits. Thanks for the input !

Sure you can ! You do a great work too :sunglasses: My contents are designed to be shared as long as my social accounts are still there to allow everyone to find out the lastest ones. I’ll always share my new graphics first here :

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Thanks mate! Whenever I happen to use any of your graphics I will have a link up and give a shoutout to ya :slight_smile:


Just noticed this and your speed priority graphic. These are great Quakeur! These are helpful for lots of people. I hope most see these!


They should give us more than 140 darts


Buy them or use cash to speed ur incus up. Ur cap will go over 140.