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Graphics Differences

I play using two different devices .

This is how my Metrialong looks at my tablet

And this is how it looks at my phone . The difference is slight but visible . All the creatures have two types of quality .

Many times the quality of the graphics at my tablet becomes the same as my phone . I have also seen many videos of Jurassic world the game with different graphic qualities at the creatures . Has anyone else noticed this problem? Is it just an issue caused by my devices?

I am guessing it is the video driver and settings of the device. But it’s just a guess.

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At your device do you have the first (high) graphics quality or the second (low , smooth) one ? The higher quality make the creatures look more “real” .

On my Samsung tablet it looks like this.

So you have high quality . I have Sumsung too . I do not think that it is my phone problem . It isn’t that old .