Graphics & Features

Does Ludia read these? Few things that may be cool:

  1. Low Health indicator seen in KO events showing on ALL events. Down to 25% Health maybe?
  2. Optional Nature Events such as storms and smoking volcano that can lead to, but not always, a Code 19. So it is both optional and a heads up to players.
    2a. Bad storms cause damage requiring coins and time to fix, but rewarded with Bucks/DNA?
  3. High Quality (current) and Low Quality (few animations) options for players on older devices, poor signal areas, low data or device battery.
  4. Friends you can send/receive/gift resources with.
  5. Random and set trades. Trade Harbor and Trade Warehouse? “This week get the T-Rex for 800,000 coins each. Limit to 2.” Rough example…
  6. Hampster Wheel tour rides along the roads! Longer the road, the more coins or bucks earned.
  7. Have suggested over and over and over: More Hatchery Pods that are here to stay. Unlockable maybe but then yours? 200+ dinos to hatch and up to 6 days each to hatch? JW4 will be out by then…

I like the above suggestions, I would like to add to the trade harbor one, allow more of an item to be traded I have more boosters than I will ever use and the custom trades allow one or two at a time is just not enough. It would be fantastic if we could say what we would be willing to trade and have the trade harbor offer up what it is willing to trade in return. The custom trades do this partially but it would be great to expand this further.