Gratitude, reflection and suggestions

Gratitude: When I started in June, the game consisted only in hunting, finding supplies, fighting and opening battle incubators, nothing more. In addition, it was very difficult to find coins. In recent months have added assault events, treasure chests, scents and incubators for 10 victories. The game has more options, it’s more fun and it’s easier to find coins.

Reflection: When I started playing, the most fun was going to hunt DNA. Any creature seemed useful, any weird was a joy and seeing an epic changed me to the face. In addition, it was almost the only way to find DNA so I was very motivated to go hunting. As I was defining my team, each time I was happy to find fewer creatures. I’m only interested in those that are part of my team (17) and some that may be useful to get them to enter. Besides, of those 17 many are so difficult to find (Rajasauro, Baryionix) or directly impossible (Gallimimus) that the assault events and incubators end up being more important than my own hunt. In the end, I just went hunting to collect Stegosaurs, Euplocephalus and velociraptors and see if the surprise comes up and a rare or useful epic appears. And that, does not motivate too much.


  • They should increase the number and variety of epics and rares.

  • The new creatures must use new DNA (why create nodepatotitan from already looked for DNA instead of creating it from creatures without hybrids?).

  • It would also help that the evolution of common and / or rare creatures was not so expensive in DNA and coins (the other day I thought about evolving Suchotator from 10 to 21 to test if it was useful but I realized that this would cost more than 200,000 coins that cost me about 15 days to get and, of course, I left it without evolving).

  • The last suggestion I will develop more in another post, but I think it would be a wise choice to create a second battle mode in which instead of having a team of 8 creatures with the same options to battle, you would have 15 but of different levels: two main ones out of which a combatant, three secondaries from which another combatant comes, four creatures from which a third combatant and five residuals from which the fourth combatant would leave). With that we would have that more creatures would be useful so that the hunt would be more interesting, could be created more tactics besides putting the best 8 and the battles would be more varied (not only monomimus, stegodeus, Indoraptor, etc).

Trying to keep 15 dinosaurs leveled and relevent in battle would be a nightmare for me. I’m already using underpowered dinosaurs because of lack of DNA and coins.

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I know Rathelon, I’m in the same situation. My best creature is a Stegodeus of 25 evolving to 26 while my current number 13/14/15 would be a creature of 16/17 (Pyrritator, Delinocherius, Alankylosauro, Monostegotops, allosinosauros, Sarcorixis etc) or some creature of which they were my favorites before being displaced (einiasuchus, postimetrodon, …). Almost everyone would be in the same sutuación but I would like to be able to use these creatures quoted at the end of the fight and not have them cornered forever. The fights would be more fun and I would be happy again to find a Pyroraptor, an Einosauro, etc. At the end with the sequence 2-3-4-5 three of your creatures in a battle would be basically the same as before but there would be an “original”.

Anyway, this was just a point that perhaps should have developed in a separate post.