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Great $10 offer out now


It scales out very close to the coin/cash value of the $50 level up offer. Heads up to those that say everything is too expensive. ( no dig meant by this)


I thought this was fairly priced too…
Call it equivalent to getting an epic scent (in addition to dna, plus a handful of cash & coin)


I think the 50 USD one (as the offer of level up one time offer, but the epic incubator will only contain “cute dinos”) might also come out later.
So I will wait for that one.:thinking:


I will get that too especially if it includes Sino as the Christmas epics are much better than the rares.

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The $10 (US) is the exact cost of the cash alone. All else is a bonus


Yeah i picked this up… luckily i got mostly draco for my rare… but in realitly i was already considering a 10 dollar purchase for some cash so this offer was a no brainer to me.

And yes lately they have been offering two tiers of sales the 10 dollar one and the 50 dollar one… next they should consider a 25 dollar one… maybe a blue incubator with like 150-200 epic dna.

They make some special incubators for the lower arena oto they should try one in a coin/cash package and see how it works.