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Great article!

(But not seeing how leaking stuff that may or may not happen is helpful … given past experience)

It some things to look forward to. Just need to keep in mind that not everything is guaranteed to be in the very next update.


Would prefer not to have the leaks and new updates were a pleasant surprise. Like they use to be

Because that worked so well last update

All gamepress was describe what was in the game code. Everyone else jumped to conclusions.

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But why leak it? Spoilers! It really does spoil the experience

I agree but look what that lead to … the update is terrible because a b and c isn’t in it … when there is a fire don’t pour petrol on it

There is a disclaimer that people don’t have to read it. But if we don’t publish it, someone else will and it’ll get out anyways :woman_shrugging:

People jump to conclusions without this information and the possible hybrids are esp good info so you might be able to start stockpiling DNA.


I honelstly thought the same but then again, if ur active in the forum the stuff will get thrown into ur face aventualy i remember trying to go like that in 2.3 ye didn’t last too long.

Someone else might but gamepress have a certain … legitimacy … the last data mine really upset the apple cart

And no one reads disclaimers these days … apple/amazon made them 50 pages long

Not our problem. It’s literally 2 sentences in bold at the beginning of the article. We’re just reporting what we find. And I can tell you I got asked/tagged almost every day since 2.4 was released about this information. If it’s info the majority of our audience wants, then we’ll publish it. And numbers tell me this is info people want.


“Not our problem” … and there you have Gamepress in a nutshell …

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Yay no new raids lol


I like the datamines. Gives me things to keep a look out for when updates drop. Compare the two. Things change. Delays happen.


I mean this should be just what we curently got and defenetly is far from the final thing, and where u gonna put em in the first place

I’m sorry. Can you name another group of people who voluntarily spend time to bring you JWA related content? Go ahead. I’ll wait.


We are a news outlet. We report the news. These articles are news. I’m not sure what else you expect. I don’t make people read it so if they choose not to and be surprised more power to them. If they choose to ignore the disclaimer then that’s their choice as well :woman_shrugging:


What numbers…can u actually prove this. I dont read ur articles as I dont want to know the data mines but people talk on discord forum etc so always end up knowing. It completely spoils the game for me. Please stop.

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Hopefully they don’t add new ones and just rotate new ones in after 6 months or so and rotate from there. But there are far too many raids.