Great Dino’s for this weeks 7 days!


Just wanted to thank jurassic world alive team for some great Dino’s this 7 days of Dino’s !!

Keep the 7 days coming they are awesome love the 3 epics and 2 rare and did I see a legendary or better in the mix???


Its a unique, the indoraptor :slight_smile:


I thought so I remember from movie !!! AWESOMENESS!!


Yes! Got a feeling it will be hard to get enough dna but its a start! Also, Blue, from the movie is the last on the list :slight_smile:


Blue?? Really I didn’t look omg I’m gone to heaven lol sweet and did you see the new incubator for 6.40$ def worth it if your getting those Dino’s in the incubator I just made a topicnon that’s as well :+1::grin::canada:


I bought some of those mate… only one from the pictures shown i got was the edmontosaurus :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: maybe it was poor luck… but i did get some triceratops which I needed to upgrade my stegoceratops hehe so worth it for the price i guess.


Good to know cause I don’t have him I need that incubator maybe a few if it allows a few I might buy the showcase one also if I don’t get enough DNA for the unique


I got the showcase one but it gave me last weeks instead of this weeks… honestly dont know what to do cause Ludia never answers us, so guess im stuck with that. Stupid bugs that costs us money, disappointed


Really excited for this week!! Can somebody tell me which one is this?



Blue and Indoraptor OMG!!!


Will we hurt an exclusive next Saturday?! :scream:


I hope we will get more than 3 strikes for the Indoraptor. It`s quite hard to get it with only 3 strikes.


It’s Ludia, you will get no strikes at all for indoraptor, but you’ll be able to buy each strike for $200 :joy:


I’ll be glad if we get 3 strikes. I fear they allow us only 1 strike because its a unique D: that would be bad


@Lyra Baryonix (original) i believe


Peter that would suck I would write to them they sometime will help refund or give you that incubator for free I would write with detail


It’s 3 hits on anything but common and the DNA required should be 200 but they move a lot faster and with less DNA per shot and also the targets jump one end to the other it takes a couple shots to get the pattern down

Everyone should be able to unlock the dino unique but it’s hard target and 3 shots to get 200 get 70 minimum a shot you’ll get but they make it so you don’t get so you have to buy incubator think about that they are smart at ways of earning.


It will require 250 dna, not 200, so 84 dna per strike to get it. It will be haaaard


Are you sure it’s 200 for unique? I would assume legendary would be 200 and maybe 250 for unique? But I hope you’re right…in any case…no one will get the indoraptor from this event because I’m guessing its going to be nigh impossible to get 70 for each attempt. They definitely want you to buy the incubator lol


I have emailed them and no response in 4 days… :confused: