Great event week

After sub par events last week, this week was an absolute joy. Made me actually have fun playing this game for the first time in a while. 3 strike towers offering epic incubators, chances at Rex/Indom/Indo this weekend, treasure chests multiple days, special offers in the store, new Halloween scent capsules. Well done, Ludia. I get that this was a holiday week so to speak, but why can’t every week be like this?!


Agreed. I really enjoyed this week


Seconded … thirded?

Thank you Ludia for putting in the effort to make this fun for us

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So let’s see how’s the event for next week……

Oh…… umm………:thinking:
Forget this…………:sweat:

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Not sure, it’s not as good as this week (would take some beating) but some useful dna coming through, need mono, touji and Kent.

But a great week this week.

Concur, this has been a great week! Please give us more!

There were so many naysayers last week and the beginning of this week.

Makes me glad to see this post. No headless horseman…but a great week Ludia!