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Great game, few suggestions

This is a great game, but a few suggestions are in order;

Make the challenges worth your time and gold.
If you just play a couple of times (for free) the last campaign level you are in, you get the same xp.
If you are looking for gold, challenge is not a good idea as well, since you pay to get in and need luck on the dice just to break even. You can also get small amount of goods from campaign.
If you ned loot, campaign is not a good idea as well, unless you need one of the fixed loot from the rewards (even then you need luck on the dice) and you pay for it. There is no other way to get items if you’re stuck on campaign, good luck.
My suggestions for challenges:

  • lower the price tag a bit. Not free, but maybe 50 gold for all challenges ( not scaling) and make your last finished dungeon part of the free rotation, all I get for free is the first dungeon, it gets old.
  • combine the rewards of the dice, not make the player choose. It is very frustrating to kill the tier 2 boss, kill 7 or 8 room and walk out with just 50 gold or a useless tier 1 item you already have hundreds of.
    My suggestion for rewards would be loot chests, fixed items (more cards than chests) and gems, all sprinkled in the dice rolls. you get all the dice, not choose one. I feel I get screwed almost everytime I enter a dungeon. Make it worth it, right now it is better to just farm the couple of rooms I get to repeat in campaign mode.

I agree, the game seems heavily not only pay to win but pay to play. I’m even a monthly subscriber and yet it seems that there are no discounts offered to play dungeons.

I’m glad they decided not to use an energy system to play dungeons, but at least either make the lower lvl dungeon free for monthly subscribers or give like a 50% discount cost for dungeons.

I don’t think the ‘luck based reward’ is not going to change. It’s basic gachapon system and almost, if not all P2W games have it to make players spend more. Running out of things to do, now that’s an issue