Great Game!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share what I like about this game.

  1. I really like that you can progress and/or be competitive with little to no money spent (outside of the whales). The challenge/dice/48hr loot system is by far the fairest and most compelling mobile game mechanic I’ve seen.

  2. The artwork. I’m not typically a visually aesthetic person, but even I can see the little details that showed passion. The way the fire dragon head flops and slides, Tommus critical animation, etc. There are so many instances that show the artist really tried and cared, and it helps make the game a joy to play.

  3. The fighting mechanics are awesome! I mean it’s not revolutionary or anything, but I really like this combination/formula. It really allows for creative thinking and not-so-uncommon “comebacks”.

  4. The character design and feel (not the artwork, but how each character feels) is astounding. Each level and upgrade feels worthwhile (mostly) and you eventually start to feel ‘god-like’ facing challenges and players that are equally powerful.

  5. As I get older I have less and less time for games. The bite-size but full-experience challenges let me get in a game here or there and still actually make progress.

  6. The events are really fun! The extra bonuses are exciting.

There are other aspects too but those are the ones I like the best. There are parts I don’t enjoy, mainly elements of PvP, but you can’t please everyone and I’m grateful for the parts I do enjoy. Thanks Ludia!

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Ludia shill. I don’t believe this is an authentic review of the game in the slightest. Awfully funny how the account was created only a few days ago and has been put up as a thread to detract from the overwhelming negative attention currently going on with the game.

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My first post was a question about the crashing and stuff, which is still happening. It happens more for me on pvp but since pvp isn’t my jam it doesn’t bother me as much. I’m personally practicing being more grateful in life and things so thats why I posted this. I played this game for a few months now and it’s been one of my few ‘escapes’ in the middle of job hunting during a pandemic. So I wanted to tell Ludia thanks!


Lol @ninja I thought the same thing originally, but nah - I do believe @fluffykittens

Trust me, Ludia doesn’t care enough to have anyone shill. People really do enjoy the game, myself included. I have tried other games and generally everything from the mechanics, the time sink, pay to win, all of it just seems even worse than here. Sure paying gets you a big advantage (and it’s impossible to get to the highest tier now without paying), but you legitimately can compete and enjoy it without paying in this game (unlike most others). I like how WoW is so simple to pick up, play even just for 5 minutes and be done with it, or much longer if you want. You can’t easily find that balance in other games.

And let’s be honest, everyone complaining here on the forums still enjoys/cares enough about the game to post about it. People come and go, but those really quitting will pretty much just go quietly into the night.

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Well said Dungeon, I agree with all your points. I will also add the reason I am so frustrated is when the servers are working (I vaguely recall that time) there is no real limitation on gameplay. I play a few mobile games and there are periods where I have to wait hours before I can find anything I can grind. Here I can grind 24/7 if I want (again when the servers are working).

So there is a reason I like the game, and there are reasons we all are upset that we can’t play.

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You are very new or I agree with ninja.

This is not my experience at all. However, before I quibble, I remind myself I’m here and playing so it cannot be that bad.

I am reconsidering though since this (potentially gem hack favouring) update.

I’ve battled Fluffy Kittens a few times now at least they are a real player and not a bot or Ludia shill.