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Great Indoraptor is hanging out in Sorna Marshes now


I just fell out of Jurassic Ruins and thought I’d jump back up with out much problems only to face two teams back to back with Indoraptor who destroyed me Ben Stiller like dodging skill.


Wait till you meet a monomimus…
I had one which evaded me on 6 turns. I was like 2-1 up and ended up losing. 6 evasions equates 6 missed turns.

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I am at 3.7xx - 3.8xx trophies, I see a lot of monomimo but no Indoraptor for now, luckly.

Ps my monomimo is lev 17 and I don’t have Indoraptor yet (my Indominus is still lev 19).

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Mono is worse than indoraptor simply due to immunity Lol


Haha yeah, mono is like a op unique xd, im sure they will nerf hard him some day


I’ve finally got mine (Monominimus)to level 17 and working towards Indoraptor, another 35,000 velociraptor DNA and it’s mine. Should only take a year or so :confused:


My Indoraptor is lvl 24.
But I ain’t got no Monomimus


Should I quit jurassic world alive


Don’t forget the 5 Ds of Dodging …


I’m not trying to be mean, but are you joking @Indoraptor69? I’ve seen a few of your posts talking about this. Quit or stay, I don’t personally care, but one dino doesn’t make or break my team and shouldn’t for yours either. My comparable Monomimus does quite well against Indo and every other dino it faces for now. Be patient, grind harder.


What I want to know is why am I facing Monomimus below 3.3K trophies? It’s not just one person either- I’ve been consistently running into them even before the Galli event


It’s this tournament! People dropping on purpose, some by chance. Plus, these strike/weekly events dont make having Monomimus an impossibility at lower levels either as this weeks event has appeared 3 times already. Just today I went from 4200 to 4000 and back to 4100+. I faced players anywhere from 4300 to 3800+ today alone. There’s tons of reasons for why you may face them.


Lol so that’s why it’s easier to climb at the moment

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Yup…you’ve been beating me.


Yeah I just finally pushed to the safe 4250 with a lvl 19 monomimus leading charge often lol


Your speaking the truth


I’ll swap you! I’ll throw in a paramoloch and an Ankytrosaurus too :slight_smile:
Monomin is awesome don’t get me wrong but it’s no Indoraptor. Did you go with the Monostegotops option?


Incubator luck.


No actually, I already had a monostego for ages until the monolopho disappeared completely. I haven’t seen one for a long long time hence the lack of dna to even create monomimus, let alone try to level it up and a lvl 16 monomimus won’t last long in battle even with its evasive moves


I’m not sure what level your battling at but you would be surprised how long it lasts. Start with distracting strike and cop half a hit.