Great Job Ludia!

If anyone has seen my other 1,000 toxic posts, please know my sad account has NOT been hacked.

Just wanted to give Ludia props for the Pteranokyrie raid design: 3 rounds, doesn’t draw out forever, and gives chompers a chance to show off.



Came here looking for a toxic post :rofl:


Honestly though 3 rounds are boring for raids because it’s all they do

Were are my high hp 2 round raids at? Mortem is the only one that’s apex


i like it for once somethign that doesnt take 2 weeks to figure out and now i have the quick and easy 3/4 turn i can play with random dinos for fun :stuck_out_tongue:

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!00% This raid is amazing, forgiving, fun, fast, and doable. What’s really awesome is it allows for a lot more flexibility and choices of which dinos to use and what level is required to use them. This is one of the best raids Ludia has created since Mortem. It was so refreshing!

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Mortem is still the best raid - like ever. It’s legit fun. However, this one comes very close. What’s fantastic is if you make a mistake, you can work around it. We used a strat that required 2 Mortems, and I thought the person with the other Mortem wanted me to take Mortem #1 (I was tired - he clearly said he wanted Mortem 1 - why you don’t raid upon just waking up :rofl:). Well, we both did Mortem 1 moves then I realized my mistake, but we were able to fix that mistake easily and win because of the forgiving nature of this particular raid. Raids like Andrew and several others are not so forgiving.


Agree 100%.

I agree, Pteranokyrie is SO fun and easy. No counter attack and quick thanks to chompers. Ludia, thanks a lot!

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