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Great matchmaking (no)

And I’m at 5700+ trophies. For three of them I got +1 only. What’s the point in these battles?

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At least u were able to battle. I tried 18 times now and ended up without any.


at least you were able to log in :smiley:

And if you lose to some of them, you got -59 trophies. That’s craziness.

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75% of matches fail. But the match making has been fine and I haven’t changed anything. I couldnt care less about trophies provided I’m above 4000 and I’m above 4800.

These are 4 successful attempts out of 20+

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The trophy count has to be a glitch. I’m sure winning 1 trophy per battle can’t be a part of the update (I hope :crossed_fingers:t2:) so hopefully sooner than later they will fix this. It probably has something to do with battles and tournaments being separate, even though there’s no tourney going on…haha everything is so screwy!

I’m having the same problem though; matchmaking is awful, possibly worse than it was before and the trophy thing is just aggravating to say the least. Makes me wanna wait til the bugs are worked out just to battle. Otherwise bye bye trophies :scream:


Some of my last opponents:

Thankfully I beat those top three, was pretty proud of myself. :smiley:

I tried 10-12 times in a row and got zero battles. Even after closing and restarting the app.
I got a bit nervous for a second because thought I was the only one left in the Dinosphere! :joy:

Their teams compared to mine:

Seems like the game is matching due to Dino level than trophy count now? Your dinos average around 24/25 and so do theirs. Just a guess, I could be wrong and the whole system could still be totally jacked up :joy:


My dinos are almost all 30 and my opponents were 3-4 levels lower

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That is what Im assuming. We all had boosted dinos too.

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Wait for everybody to get online , you will get better matches if more ppl play

Got +50 in one single battle. I’m at 3.7K Tr, Team level 20-22, and the opponent had Lv21 Magna, Lv25 Erlidom and Lv17 Rat. Seems legit.

I just got a battle where all of my opponents had dinos that were higher than mine. The matchmaking seems to be worse so far.

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Pretty sure something is still not working isnt 5500 the threshold where match making cares less about levels and more about trophy count.

Yeah… Somethings not right with this. I’m getting matched with people with much higher levels even though I have none as high.


same here :smiley: playing against higher level dinos with stat boost on them. Not fun at all :smiley:

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