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Great Southern Land is Currently Recruiting

GSL currently has one position open for a new member.
To qualify for membership in this International Alliance, we ask that you meet the following criteria:

We ask that you are able to understand English
Reason: We need members who can understand the conversation in “chat”. It builds social bonds and allows us to rally together as a team.

We ask that you be level 15 or higher
Reason: One of our goals is to provide our members with the best weekly and monthly alliance rewards. This means that all players need to be able to participate in arena PvP and Tournament.

We ask that you get 10 kills every day in Arena PvP
Reason: Not only is the Daily Battle Incubator the easiest way to obtain free boosts, it helps our alliance maintain a high weekly rank in Defense. This increases our weekly rewards as a team.

We ask that you get 10 kills every week in Tournament
Reason: The alliance rewards for tournament include large amounts of unique DNA. If every member shares this task, the entire alliance gets much stronger.

That’s It!
We are a Casual Alliance, but we are very active. We typically go 8/8 each week for the arena incubator rewards, and Tier 8 incubator for Tournament participation. That is typically 250 Unique DNA for a level 20 player, plus 2500 Epic DNA, and 2500 Rare DNA. Now you see why we insist on active players who are willing to contribute.

We don’t need you to win your matches… just get 10 kills to reap the rewards. We would be perfectly happy with players that are active every day and team-oriented. However, we don’t keep those who only join an alliance to leech DNA and don’t do anything to help the team.

We have a very active raiding community with a Discord (chat room) to help set up teams and strategies. We raid the Apex bosses all four nights with multiple teams.

We don’t have any rules surrounding the sanctuaries. Common sense says to try to put the same types of dinos in the same sanctuaries, but we don’t get too concerned if someone doesn’t.

Check Us Out!
If this sounds like what you have been looking for, please reply to this post for pre-approval, or simply apply in game to be accepted on a trial basis until we see you will live up to our requirements. We have been consistently active and healthy since April of 2019, and intend to stay that way.

Our vacancies are filled on a First Come, First Served basis.


I don’t think 10 KOs a day is casual when you encounter this

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Then you wouldn’t be happy in our alliance. Our members all contribute to get us 8/8 every week. Two of them grumble in our Discord on a regular basis about how matchmaking is broken, but they still put in the 20-30 minutes each day and reap the rewards along with everyone else.

I already have a group😅

I’m glad you have an alliance family you’re happy with! Too many players are stuck in alliances where they are one of only 5 or 10 who are actually doing anything. The rest just ask for DNA and don’t do anything else.

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This is true

I may be able to help

I’m level 12 but just started playing maybe 45 days ago? Highly motivated, daily player that will be 15 soon. Desperately searching for reasonable active guild. Have room for a chap like me? 45 yo living in San Antonio, Texas.

probably shouldn’t say your age and where u live…

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Once again, we find ourselves at the start of a new tournament with a couple of openings due to inactive players being culled out.

We are a friendly and active bunch who are looking for players L15 and higher to help us raid, who can get 10 kills in tournament every weekend, and who don’t mind getting a Daily Battle Incubator (DBI) each day.

We have a Discord and I’d be happy to chat with anyone who wants to leave their inactive alliance and join up. Check us out! (Link is good for today only… PM me for a new link if this one is expired.)

Hii I’m on lvl 15 and very active player can I join ur Alliance…

I have sent you a private message.

We are currently looking for an active player that is Level 15 or higher that will participate in tournament, raids, and isn’t afraid of joining our Discord chat. Private message me on this forum for more information.

Ok I’ll join this alliance. I’m level 15 and am stuck, unable to progress with my current alliance. Although I have to say that I’m not from the great southern land.

I have found an alliance now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you in a dead alliance?

We currently have three openings for active players.
We would prefer Level 20 players to join our Apex raid teams, but will consider anyone over L15.
Send me (Caelani) a private message in Discord at: