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Great work Ludia

I love this game. Have so from the beginning. I think most players on this forum or on our discord channels also do. Never understood all the negativity and whining when an update hits. This team battle raid is a gem. Just think about it how much time and effort it took to piece this together. I for one appreciate the creative team at Ludia. Didn’t win my attempt at the Rex, but that’s fine. Not everything should be an easy give away. Maybe next week with more intel. And changes to dinos? I’m fine with that too. My OP indo G2 got a major nerf. Ok, time to work towards a new OP dino. Not sure which one yet, but there’s one out there. Change is good. Great work Ludia. Keep up the good work. - Yoda


I agree that this update is a massive improvement, especially in the balancing department. Personally wished that more hybrids/superhybrids inherited or kept the lineage-unique abilities of their parents though (e.g. Erlikospyx and Debilitating Distraction, Alloraptor and Cleansing Shattering Strike, Tryostronix and Group Takedown), and I kind of dislike how hadrosaur hybrids became much harder or even basically impossible to use in single-player PvP, but overall the update is pretty good.

At the same time, I think in many previous updates, there were lots of balancing issues where creatures which were easier to create (e.g. Indominus G2, Procerathomimus) were more powerful than creatures which were harder to create, combined with some creatures which dominated the arena. If people genuinely feel that the arena is unbalanced, I think they’re right to discuss and provide reasons for why they think the arena is unbalanced and how it should be fixed. That doesn’t mean Ludia should take their word for it though, but it does mean that such complaints, especially in sufficient numbers, should be taken that something’s off with the balancing.

(Having said all that, there are definitely lots of people salty that their particular overpowered creature was nerfed)

TL;DR: Update 2.0 has definitely fixed a lot of the issues with battle balancing, but previous updates had lots of balance/power-resource curve issues which imho people were right to complain about.

I love the game. I acknowledge the creativity that goes into it (I do software myself). But, its the questionable decisions after the creativity, the lingering issues that seem to never be fixed, and the concepts that benefit only a few that I find irritating. Its such a fun game that with some real bug catching could be (and should be) amazing.