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Great Year with Ludia JWtG... just need a lick of improveme t


It is undenieable that ludia has done a great job improving the game in every tiny aspect…
Ludia is probably one of the best mobile game developers ever. How they deal with CODE19 and Eryops tournament issue (etc) is enough to validate their caliber.
But just want to mention few improvements as a part of “lick of improvement”:

  1. Rewards from pvp aren’t that good when reaching lvl > 30
  2. Daily mission for lvl >49 gave 35/40 bucks (cant remember exactly) meanwhile in order to complete daily mission we needed to go to pvp match for 5x (5×5=25)…
  3. Rarity rumble missions above lvl 46 arent that good
  4. Trading system, ratio and reward is a bit off

But overall i enjoy to open this game everytime if i have time… thanks dev :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


For the PvP rewards what prize level are you playing at? I don’t think it has anything to do with you level but the type and level of the creatures you are battling with. For instance I make sure all of my pvp battles earn the Elite prize wheel and I will generally come away after 9 battles and 18 spins (I always do the video for the extra spin) with spins that land at least once on one of the following items and some times multiple:
Cash: 100, 250, 500
DNA: 100, 200, 500, 1000 (this top one is a rarity but generally once a week)
Food: 5,000 - 25,000 don’t need it but it’s not terrible
Coin: 11,000 - 30,000 again don’t need it and I think of this and the food wins as throw away spins.
Creatures: everything from rare to legendary usually one creature every day or two some times more.
Packs: generally one a week of either the Cenozoic or Aquatic which isn’t bad considering that’s one every 126 spins.

All in all I am almost always building resources through PvP, and generally that is the way I build the Dino bucks the fastest. I will try to document all of my spin wins for a day to tabulate what I won vs what I would have spent. I never speed up a creature cool down for pvp so it is only the 40 in Dino bucks for cost which I think I always gain more than in bucks a day from the PvP.


8.750 coins is the lowest


Today was a good run although I screwed up two of the extra spins by trying to take screen shots :frowning:
Before battling totals for resources:

Got two creatures a diplodocus (which I screwed up the screen shot on and then these two items

And this was my final resources, I accedently clicked on two revenue towers before taking the screen shot:

The resources also include the rewards for completing the battle related daily missions.


I think increasing creature/prize drop rate is still needed… btw thx for the ss


the pterosaurs should be in a single enclosure as aquatic and cenozoic so they could place more dinos in the park instead of sending them to the depot.


All terrific ideas. As usual, @Sionsith’s advice is right on.

At the same time, I acknowledge sometimes I get into a run of really sucky PvP rewards. I won maybe ten battles (50 dinobucks gone!) in a row recently and got coins or food for every… single… prize. Even after watching videos for Bike Race and Dancing Contest and Ladybug Temple Run. :slight_smile:

And the lowest prize for Elite is 5,150 coins. Trust me. I get it way too much. I keep meaning to screenshot it when I get it to post it on here for laughs. Lose 5 dinobucks to get 10,300 coins. Ouch!


Getting lame prize isnt big deal… thts why it is called “lucky spin”
But still sometimes i want somethin to cheer up my victory

Thx @HanSoloWannaBe 4 share u thought


Truth here. It is borderline ridiculous that the game space isn’t big enough to hold every dinosaur in the game. Please, Ludia, do expand the island significantly or do something so all the dinos can fit.