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Greater Emergency Heal is currently bugged

GEH used to go to the creature with the least percentage of HP.

Now GEH does to the one with the least total HP.

A tryostronix with barely any health lost now gets heal priority over a badly damaged ardentismaxima.

Please fix this immediately, as it compromises several raid strategies. Thank you.


Actually it never did that. It was supposed to according to the patch notes, then the mods said that was a mistake in the notes, then someone brought it up again and the mods said it was a bug that they were working on.

They did change it so that full-HP creatures aren’t targeted anymore though. This probably applies to all emergency heals.

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It is working differently than it was last week. That much I know.

Here’s one of the threads discussing it, there’s at least one more. Do you have any videos or screenshots of GEH not working this way?

I can confirm that in January it was still working this way thanks to YT.

Noted for our team. Thanks, BuffNemys!

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GEH still hits the Dino with the least hit points. Not the Dino who is injured the most. It should not