Greater Emergency Heal, makes no sense to me

I seriously do NOT understand how this works. I had about 2200 health (7147 max) and I used GEH. It went to about 6200+
Opponent just had about 1200 health (max 7200+), and his GEH brought him to 7100+
Extremely annoying how his brought back SO much more health. I dont get this move

Hey BIGISLAND21, healing abilities are based on the attack value of a creature. I believe Greater Emergency Heal, heals 2x the Attack Value.


It’s based on your attack stat. GEH will give you 2x whatever your current attack is. Thus, it depends on if you’re distracted, have ferocity going, etc.

Fun fact for raids (mainly) but if you’re instant distracted, you can actually heal for 0.


So if I put boosts into my attack, it will also increase my GEH??

Yup, that’s how it works since raids were introduced

Makes no sense why an attack stat would have anything to do with healing…but at least that clarifies a lot. Thank you!

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No problem. I was under the assumption it was changed more for the group heals for raids. Easier to calculate that a lesser group heal is going to heal everyone for X HP vs trying to figure out some percentage of everyone’s max HP.


correction: MEGA-oof

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Heal cleans distraction isn’t it?

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If you are healing yourself, you’ll cleanse the distraction effect and heal the full ammount. If not, then you can in fact heal for 0 if distracted.


I wonder if they should make it heal first, and cleanse second, to make it heal consistently. But then distraction becomes the best counter to healing, which is a cunning beating a resilient, so maybe that’s not the best idea?

Didn’t u yourself say that healing would be class neutral, i mean yeah mainly resilient, but still i feel like the curent system is fine.

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No, I think I said it was resilient. It’s what I call a “minor” resilient move though, so other classes can still have it without being resilient. But if something only has class neutral and healing moves (for example, Iguanodon or Parasaurolophus), they’ll be resilient, not wild cards. But something like Postosuchus or Schaphotator can have a healing move without being resilient (so in THOSE cases, heals are essentially treated as neutral).

I draw the line at two moves though. For example, Diloracheirus has two healing moves, so I could justify it being cunning-resilient, even though it doesn’t have any slows or shields.

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I agree that the current system (i.e. cleansing before healing) is fine though.

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