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Greater emergency heal should be changed in 1 small way

Greater emergency heal heals the Dino with the least hit points.

It should be changed to heal the Dino with the highest percentage of ht points lost.

For example, if a gorgo has 3200 of 3500 hit points, but a maxima has 3400 of 9000 hit points, the heal will go to the gorgo when it needs to go to the maxima


I played the Haast Eagle in the Sino raid and because it has such low hit points, I had emergency heal heal my Eagle at full health instead of another creature who was about half health that needed it.

Lazy coding me thinks. Its something that needs adaptation


This has been suggested before, and I believe @Ned has already passed the message on a while ago.
In fact, according to the patch notes healing was supposed to work this way from the start.


It still has not been fixed. It should be a simple fix by changing 1 function


It is intended to heal the lowest health not most health lost. So it needs recoding. Ludia will not change it so soon.

It’s actually blows me mind someone at Ludia coded it the current way. It shouldn’t. But it actually does.

Its easier. LookUp Health, Find Lowest, Heal Lowest. I have little coding experience but from a logic point of view looking for the lowest current health seems easier than doing math to see who needs health the most.

Or perhaps you can choose which dino do you want to heal, had a Mortem Raid yesterday and GEH nearly costed a match since my Indo Gen 2 was at 3300+ health while my teammate’s Max was at 3200 health. GEH ended up healing my Indo Gen 2 instead, which nearly costed the match since if Mortem attacked Max with its Random Cleansing Strike it will die

And yet any game I’ve ever played that included a healer role had it target the lowest % instead of the lowest health because healers and damage roles tend to have less health then tank.

If your gonna bring the holy trinity into your dinosaur game atleast do a little research.