Greater Stun Broken


For whatever reason since last night, I’ve experienced a 0% stun rate from all greater stun moves. I’ve tested this across every creature I have that has it and it’s blown round after round for me and I want to know what’s up!
It works for my opponents and my rng can’t be that bad. Is this broken for anyone else?
I ran 5 rounds for each greater stunner and it fails every time. Total consistency
Also they were never against any immune dinos


I think you just got unlucky with the rng. It happens and I know it sucks. For a long while my Dracorex failed to stun every battle with both of its abilities. I eventually swapped her out of my lineup for Ouranosaurus that has the same chance of stun (75%) but I’ve had more luck with Ouranosaurus. It’s just luck.


I see, I guess I’ll always be on the bad side of rng lol. My ourano keeps flopping round after round so I gave her the stinky boot, but at least it’s made me branch out of my usual team to creatures less dependent on chance so there’s some plus to it.
It seems to me stun creatures have less value than they used to which is a shame. I do wish instant charge didn’t get nerfed.