Greater Stunning Strike broken?


Is Greater Stunning Strike broken? I have stunned 8 times in the last 35 attempts. Is anyone else having an issue with this?


Extremely bad luck consecutively? It’s 75% now not 100% like it used to be. But those numbers wow that sucks!


I have no idea what’s going on. No one is having this problem?!


I have been using trago he seems to be greater stunning fine!?!? What Dino you been using?


What boggles the mind is there are people out there actually keeping track! :joy::joy::joy:!

Let’s see in the last 3 months I have attempted to stun 1,000,000 times and it worked 456,897 times!


If people did though we would at least know if there’s any issues with the rng generator


The problem with that is will ludia even care enough to fix it!


I dunno if it’s just working as intended I have found the roll for status seems to roll higher for Dino’s higher lvl than opponent. But without a good sample of data who knows I just avoid the rng as much as possible. I got crit 2x by a lvl 25 stegodeus yesterday on both thag and ap rampage was brutal 5% back to back crits


People start keeping track once it stops working. When you go 0/3 in a fight, then 0/2 in the next, you start counting.


seems to work nearly every time against me.

i’m guessing it is not programmed to give you a stun 3 in 4 tries. like if you are 3/3 you aren’t guaranteed to miss the 4th. and if you are 2/3 you aren’t guaranteed to get the 4th. it just randomly picks a number every time independent of past and future results. so it could stun 100/100 if the dice rolls that way. so keeping track really doesn’t accomplish anything.