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Greater Stunning Strike wrong cooldown

So today, while I was battling in tournament, I noticed that Rixis’ GSS has 2 turn cooldown, instead of 3, at least in theory. GSS users, can you confirm if it works like that in practice? And mods, could you pass this bug to devs? And if it’s not a bug, please let us know

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It’s 2 turns man.

GSS is a 3 turn cooldown.

So it shows 2 but in fact it’s 3?

That’s what I experienced

Then it’s just a visual bug

Or they’ll lower this cooldown in 1.15. For example, Ludia reworked Critical Impact in 1.9 (giving it 100% crit) but they changed description of this move earlier, in 1.8, despite it wasn’t 100% crit back then. Maybe GSS will be treated in the same way :thinking:

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Stun making a bit of a comeback?

oooh sounds like gss is getting changed :smiley:

I really hope so

Thank you for sharing this, @Starlinger27. . I’ll make sure to bring this up with the team so they can have a closer look. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!