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Greatest fail

What are your greatest fails

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If I did this on accident it would be a big fail


Pressing level up while fusing …


Would have to agree!!! And while at it, why not doing it on two different occasions like I did :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Playing other games for cash (tapjoy) and getting 20.000 hard cash. Then my phone bought 2 incubators (i REALLY didnt wantor needed) in my pocket. Was saving the cash for boosts…Grrr…Many hours (and hard cash) wasted

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I had that with indominus gen 2

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A while ago we had no coin sales for months, so I had loads of hard cash unspent. One day I went to the shop to open the free incubator, but since I had worked the whole day I was so tired and I fell asleep. I woke up and saw a premium incubator on my screen, I wondered what happened, then I got a bunch of scaphotator and I looked at my cash amount… a week later coin sales finally happened and I was on 4.3k cash so I was unable to buy the big cash deal…

Need I explain more?
(Both images are from the same battle)

Greatest fail, what do u mean. I’ve tried to do that, lol. It’s an achievement😂. I’m assuming you meant to get 1 dna tho

I tried to miss them all and hit one accidentally