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Greatest plays and saves

As the end of the year is upon us let us reflect on those moments where our Dino’s secured is the victory through act of great play tactics or sheer luck

Mine would have to be today where this little guys saved my entire team

From these two

Just last night my lv 20 team took on some one with a 24-28 team. They started with this 28 Tryko.

which i barely took down. Then they brought out this 26 erlikospyx.

There was also an unboosted Dio and a Rinex. It was a tough battle, but Proceratho’s dodge helped me win in the end.

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Dang I would quaked in boots if I saw that team :sweat_smile:

This was in mid aviary. It was a total surprise for me to see something like this.

Ya I’ve been stuck there for a while haven’t been able to go to library cause I just fall back down and then go back up basically it’s my arena roller coaster

Idk what he was thinking of going for long invincibility first but okay thxs

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Dracorat won me a battle today and it wasn’t even on my team :sunglasses:

2-2 and my Baldcat was around 1500hp, their Magna was at 500hp.
They were faster than me, and could have won if they attacked, but they swapped to a 1700 Stegod :thinking:
I rampaged and won.

Apparently the threat of having a draco is just as strong as dracko itself :joy:

:joy: ya that was a real big brain move on there part