Greatful for the game


So I’m not a total a-s——s I appreciate the game I’ve been here since beta and enjoy it and have respect for them for creating a decent game. As everyone’s read I’ve had some pretty rude things to say about jurassic world and their over pricing of incubators I’ll leave it at that for now on.

I enjoy the game besides that and the bots and poor sports. I’m a monthly member and that’s worth the 12.99$ cad or whatever it is . Great benifits for that but cheaper options for items would be great to add to the bonus list for members and do we get the free incubator monthly with the membership or a one time deal?

Thanks for everyone’s responses I’ll try to keep my rudeness to a minimum lol :joy:

Just wanted to put a more positive topic out and let everyone know I’m not against jurassic world alive I love the game and set up just those two issues

Thanks guys and gals!!