Greed Wins. Morty Dna in shop for 100 bucks

Title says it all


Disgusting… embarrassing… Shameful…

But sadly: Not unexpected.


Well. This is not new.
They’ve already sold Apex DNAs via premium incubators.

But its kind of awful, when they sell Mortem DNA right on the day, where it was a raid boss.


Already said in another post. No surprise there.

It’s a simple case of supply and demand.

No business will do well if it tries to sell products no one wants. Sun cream doesn’t sell well in the winter just as umbrellas don’t sell so well without rain.

I’ve been playing since launch, and I’ve seen fully formed unique dinos for sale for as long as I can remember. With the advent of apex, we now see apex dna for sale. And the fact that there are players who haven’t got enough dna for Morty with it no longer being available in raids means it’s inevitable it will be sold now. It would be a crazy way to run a business if you try and sell stuff no one wants to buy wouldn’t it?

Those who figure it’s worth spending real money on buying the dna will be delighted to see it. Just as players who buy boosts, coins, and anything else with real money do.

Those who don’t seem not be happy, but I fail to see why since no one is forcing them to buy it. Just as no one is forced to but anything at all with real money in this game.

Ludia have made it clear that there will be Mortem raids again at some point. They will appear like the Smilonemys and Mammoth raids we saw recently.


Fully agree with your comment. I am not surprised at all to see it and also it perfectly makes sense.

What still is shocking me after years of playing are the ridiculously high prices we do see in JWA. You can buy an offer for 100 USD that does not even bring you a big benefit unless you are doing this multiple times.


I wish I could sell the 300-500 DNA over max I have…


This is not a surprise. Who cares? They sell exclusive dna incubators and nobody complains about those.


The main difference for me is that all the other Dinos can still be made via sanctuaries, darting and the like…

This dino can now (as the game stands) only be upgraded by a purchase, fundamentally shifting the parameters of the game to those who pay, and those who grind… and also eliminates the possibility of doing both (like me!!!).

So meh… yes they’ve done it before, but it doesn’t make it right, and it certainly leaves a bad taste in Morty’s mouth IMO


This is why people need to really put pressure on Ludia to bring back Morty raid permanently on weekends. There is more than enough room for Morty to join either Haast or Boa. It’s completely unfair that others didn’t have to pay to get their morty leveled. Also - $100 for 40 DNA?! I’m on a fixed income so that will never happen. There are loads of people who can’t afford $100 either, and 40 DNA is not enough to level anything (you could get up to 30 in a raid). Let’s keep the petitioning for a permanent weekend Morty. If we only see him 3x a year, there’s no hope for ever opening for some, leveling for others, or getting that last 154 dna like with me.


The problem is Ludia removed Morty from regular raids. Then immediately put his DNA up for sale. Other incs for Apexes run for $15000 in-game bucks, and there might be a handful of people who have saved up enough to get an inc like that (not me - I’ve never had that kind of in-game cash lol), but when you only allow people to get the DNA through paying $100 ($200 if you want the full 80 dna), it is a bit upsetting to many of us who worked VERY hard, never missed a raid for a year, and was still unable to complete Morty bc rng was not in your favor (15 almost every week). I have no problem with a company making money - it’s needed to keep the game going, but unfair advantages are another thing, especially now that Mortem is actually meta again.


I want ALL the new creatures but I’m willing to work for them the hard grinding long way.

This weekend will get me a good start toward Ardontognathus.


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WOW Ludia.

Please don’t make this game like Jurassic Park builder or Jurassic World the Game.

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no this is backwards its creating demand then trickling supply for an inflated price just like red parra.

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at least is 100 for you.

they don’t sell with regionalized strategy, like other companies, then… it’s 550 bucks in my country.

it’s enough money to buy 2 or 3 AAA games. or a full year of ms gamepass. or… 25 big macs.


The problem is usually when a raid gets removed or get demoted to an event exclusive raid, there are other ways to unlock the creature for example the Smilonemys raid. You can still get Smilonemys by fusing it, darting it in events, getting it rarely in event incubators, and buying with money/bucks. You didn’t have to buy the incubators with Smilonemys in it, not to mention that you can get dna of it in a raid once in a blue moon. But with Mortem Rex, now an EVENT EXCLUSIVE APEX (Ludia what were you thinking?) You have 2 options, 1. Spend $100 on the Mortem incubator and get 40 Mortem dna, and have to spend an arm, a leg, and your first born son to unlock it that way. 2. Wait 10 years to unlock Mortem Rex by waiting for the raid to pop up and getting the dna (5 years if you are lucky) Do you know how long it takes to unlock an apex? (I don’t really know but by hearing about other people’s experience and watching some youtubers, it takes from 2 or 3 months to a year and a half.)


We all are… but you can’t do that now with Mortem… they’ve removed this option and made it Pay to Upgrade only.

Exactly - which is why I have been petitioning Ludia since BEFORE Mortem was officially removed to have Mortem placed as a permanent weekend raid, but instead we got Brachi. There is still room for Mortem on weekends - Saturday or Sunday. Please make your voice heard on my thread about Making Mortem a weekend raid by commenting in my thread. The more people who speak up, the bigger chance we have of getting Mortem back <3


The worst part in all this is that the mortem rex raid is the only apex raid that is enjoyable… All the other are a chore and drag on forever…

Ludia has always sold Apex DNA in the shop occasionally, this is no surprise. How about all of you put down your pitchforks and take a look at the in-game news in your mail section? Morty IS coming back in raids. Y’all are too quick to pass judgement.

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