Greed Wins. Morty Dna in shop for 100 bucks

and reread that mail again for a limited time meaning probably this one event but who knows there is no real communnication going on.
Maybe they wored it wrong and it will be a permanat thing but i would not hold my breath

Yes, but the raids have also been available at the same time; buying the DNA was simply for people who lack patience. People are complaining now because Mortem is only available through paying at this point.

(Yes, I know a special event raid is happening, but it sounds like that’ll be a one-day thing like the other retired/returning raids have been. We’ll see. It takes almost a year of raiding every week to max an apex, so one special raid every now and then won’t help people much.)

I’ve already maxed Mortem and I have 590 extra DNA on top of that, so this doesn’t affect me personally… but I still think it sucks to do this to people right when Mortem got a buff.


Again, take a look at your mail. It doesn’t say it’s a one-time thing nor it being limited time. It says Morty raids starting March 27.

“starting” implying there’s a duration. Their business model can be predatory yes but the opportunity is still there for raids. It was just gone for 2 weeks.

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Read again.


No Morty here on Sunday this week then…


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