Greediest Company Ive Ever Seen!

Prob just me that thought this yeah but still doesn’t make me any less disappointed. I bought the Premium membership for $15 thinking I was going to get the premium incubator every few days as part of my membership. For me thats at least how I took it in, But nah its just them saying they want $70 after you spend $15. Greediest company Ive ever seen.


Why are you spending real money in the first place? Vip is one thing because it does actually aid in collecting dna, but this game isn’t “pay 2 win”, as other rather impatient people keep saying it is. The reason why the prices are “outrageous” is because Ludia wants us to play the game as it should be played: going outside and collecting dinos and supply drops. It’s not like other games or rpgs with dlc; it’s a free game with the choice to turn it into “pay 2 win”, when in reality it’s play-2-win. Like I said, vip is a plus, only $10/month, but to drain one’s bank account just to play a game like this? May wanna recheck yourself on that one.


Greediest company ever is an over-exaggeration. They make it easy to spend a lot of money for those who can, yes, but you really don’t have to. You really don’t. There’s no “beating” the game. You can also be strategic with purchases if you did want to pay. The experience based level-up one time offers do have some value and you can also earn in-game cash through Tapjoy offers. I wouldn’t really bother with buying the ala carte epic or premium incubators honestly. The legendary incubators though I do not regret getting. The legendary only show up sometimes so you have to wait for them. But other than indulging on those, cash should prob be saved for coin deals

And yeah the VIP epic incubator is a one-time thing. Would kind of make more sense if it were at least monthly. To stay subscribed to VIP for any length of time is asking a lot currently with not a whole lot of perks.



They have such a huge influx of cash and do so little for the game, it’s really sad to see. No costumer support, lots of buggs ingame, unbalanced PvP, almost zero communication, people spending money and not receiving their purchases… I can understand they had problems with the huge influx of new players, but with all that cash they should be able to do something about these problems. Or atleast communicate better with the players… it saddens me… I love Dinosaurs and the JP/JW franchise and this game has a ton of good aspects, but it is not going to last long this way… Yet another game with huge potential that’s going down the drain because of a moneygrabbing company…


As I said, because I assumed you would be getting the VIP incubator every few days or weeks which to me is a great deal. Sure I’ll spend $15 a month for that I didn’t realize it was a 1 time incubator they made it look like it was part of the membership

The game is in an early stage, of course it will have its fair amount of bugs, and this isn’t due to the devs not wanting to patch them, it’s about people not telling the devs and running off to write a review on the App Store about how it’s ‘pay 2 win’ but as @Angela_Flynn put it, it’s ‘play 2 win.’
So instead of saying how it’s pay to win, you should report bugs to the mods and get out there and catch dinosaurs!


Yay another person that agrees, thank you!


The incentive that u get with VIP is more discounts or offers… Not free at all… :sleepy:

But its impossible to be competitive when you can only collect 3-4k coins per day. A team of lvl 20 dinos would take up to 1 year and a team of lvl 25 dinos probably another 2-3 year ( if you could play every day at least 2 hours). The best p2w players achieved this goal after 1month! Its not play2win its playUntilYouReachTheRidiculousCoinLimitAndThenPayToWin.

This is why I’m not competitive, it blinds you worse than the sun.

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Fantasy Fantasy xv: A new empire is the worst. People be dropping benjamins on that game.

Try playing Ark of War by 7 pirates. This is nothing. At least you can still have fun if you don’t play. :laughing:

Dude, if you’re only getting the 3-4k coins a day you that you get simply by loading incubators on time, why do you even need the coins? You don’t seem to be going out to play anyways.

I was talking about the coin limit from stops for f2p players. A typical f2p player is now lvl 8 or maybe lvl 9 which means that he can get up 3.7 / 4 k coins from stops. The 15min incubator provides about 100 coins, the 3h incubator about 300 coins and the 8h incubator 800. So on a typical day you get another 2k coins from incubators. Frim battles you can get another 750 or 1k i dont know exactly. So a f2p player can get up to 6-7k coins a day. So he needs about 2.5 years to achieve what
A pay2win player achieved after 1 month. Probably even more because i neglected the amount of coins he needs for fusions .

By the way i am not f2p play and i am lvl 14 ( i invested about 150$ ) and still i am hitting the coins limit every day ( i am getting about 15k coins per day).

A “typical f2p” player isn’t meant to ever hit the cap, otherwise we would have pokemon go all over again where everyone is level 40 with plenty full teams of maxed metarelevant pokemon and nothing to look forward to.

Also, if you do the math right, it is waaaay less than 2.5 years.

Please show me how do to the math correct and dont forget the dinos you have to push before creating an hybrid.

The problem is not that its takes very long for a f2p player ( and by the way lvl 25 is not the max lvl cap. A lvl 30 team would take another 10years i guess…) . The problem is the insane speedup for paying players. 2,5 years can be cut down to 1 month by simply spending money. That’s too much! Everybody who wants to be at least a bit competitive has to spend hundreds of dollars. No matter how hard he tries a f2p player stands no chance because of the ridiculous daily limits.

Excuse me? You think you can get those premium incubator for free every few days just for owning vip? :smiley: well I got vip in the beginning on the release and that would be worst idea to give us that incubator for free every few days :smiley:

As a level 10 f2p player I got about 4k a day on average from incubators. No idea how you managed to only get 2k if the lowest gold/hour rate incubators (3h and 8h) still yield 3k/day even without free speedups, while the others push it a bit higher.

The 4k a day limit is only for blue stops. You can continue to spin green stops for more gold and a tbh few thousand more isn’t too hard if you have a park area near you.

I’m averaging 20-30 cash a day from those stops (mostly green, I admit), another 7-10 cash comes from the free incubator. Let’s say 30 cash a day, that’s another 1500 coins.

You can really get a lot from battles too. It’s hard to keep track of and I don’t know the exact mechanics of gold rewards, but a few thousand a day is definitely not too hard, especially if you claim to be competitive.

Finally, there’s free cash offers that can give you more gold than all of the above. But even without them atm I am making around the same, maybe even more than you.

While grinding to level up those dinos you’ll reach level 18-20 far before you’ll have a maxed team, so most of the grinding will be done at those high levels with higher drops from stops and higher coin limits. So 20-25k coins should be a daily thing for a level 18-20 non-VIP without free cash offers.

As the coin costs for evolving grow faster than DNA requirements, fusing won’t take nearly as much gold as evolving. The ~4 million coins required will take about half a year, nowhere near 2.5. With free cash offers it will be 2-4 months, especially if you’re lucky enough to be in the right country. Also I’m willing to bet we will get new ways to get coins by then, so it’ll be even faster.

I would not mind it! It ain’t going to happen but I would not mind it! There are much worse deals out there like a free root canal but with no Novocain! Or buy one get one free dirty sweaty socks!

The so-called FFXV mobile app is not a true FF game, it wasn’t even licensed by Square Enix. No FF game outside of FF Tactics has been a strategy game. The entire series is based on the RPG or MMORPG concept.

What you played was a cheap attempt to cash in on a successful franchise, nothing more.