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Greedy Ludia

FYI, my son accidentally evolved Tarbosaurus to Lvl 21 and lost the DNA and 50,000 coins we worked for. I contacted Ludia for support because I told him they would surely make it right.

They said there is nothing they can do; more like there is nothing they will do. Why would they make it right? I mean what company treats paying customers like this?

The EVOLVE button is internationally designed to be the width of the screen and located where it is hard to scroll past it without accidentally clicking. I have found posts over 2-years-old asking Ludia to add a confirm prompt to evolving, but why would they fix something when they benefit from exploiting user mistakes?

Anyway, has anyone ever received a correction from Ludia when something went wrong?

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I was told that me fighting level 26+ boosted monsters was fair, because Aviary and up you’re only matched with players of the same trophy count, not your team’s combined power. Keep in mind my team consists of level 20-23 legendaries and uniques with absolutely zero stat boosts whatsoever.

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We stopped playing PVP and now focus on tournaments and raids now for that reason. We made it to 4800+ trophies and it just wasn’t fun anymore.

that’s not a big problem, you can receive 50k coins in just 1, 2, 3 days… If Ludia hasn’t changed it yet it’s cuz there are bigger problems in the game…


No, Ludia hasn’t fixed it because they want them to buy currency with real money. They claimed that the only issue with matchmaking was connection errors, but read what I said about matchmaking and you’ll see that they don’t care. They either overlooked it or saw it, knew what it was, and left it in hopes that it would force more people to buy.

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how do u know it?

It would be super easy (even for tech as incompetent as Ludia’s) to code a confirmation prompt on the Evolve button but why would they fix it when it promotes more hard cash spending?

The next tournament will offer coins. That will quickly get you back up to steam there. As for the tarbo dna, pop a few giga scents and it shouldn’t be long before you’re back there as well. That tarbo could be great for some common advantage tournaments, as many people like to use level 20 allos and tarbos. And besides, it’s not like thor is that great anyways

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If they could de-evolve dinos, it would be exploited within the hour for free coins and DNA ludia can’t verify.

That’s a fair point if they truly can’t verify the time when the evolution took place. But, they could still add the confirm prompt and avoid the issue altogether.

Ludia are greedy, however, this is certainly not an example of their greed.

The button however should certainly be smaller. It’s not like it’s a difficult button to press. They could take the round attack buttons for example and make the evolve button that size in the middle of the screen, and reduce the font size a bit. But they refuse to listen most of the time.

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I accidentally opened an 8hr incubator. The game told me that my incubator was ready to collect so I went to set my next one, the 8hr and accidentally purchased it bevsuse the game glitched and didn’t refresh! The previous incubator Showed like 20 minutes remaining. So I relaunched and it said collect. Super petty of the game. So I contacted support who told me “we don’t contribute to player progression.” Thanks for the support. I was so mad.

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Me when I see a title like this:


Things like this happened to me before, but it’s not greed, it’s laziness. They could easily add a “are you sure you wanna evolve this Dino?” option. @Ludia_Developers take notes. @Ned, make sure they hear this.

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Sadly as much as that would be good if would be another game bugging up things.

Think Owen and the forum notices.

Not siding with Ludia or anything, just wanted to share a personal experience, I attempted the epic trial a couple of weeks back, and encountered the missing button after tapping issue during battle, cost me 700hc in total as I retried twice. Frustrated, I wrote in to Ludia via ingame support. Took a couple of days, but was refunded full amt after investigation due to connection issues. And I got to attempt the trial again for free.

Perhaps it’s harder to establish the decision behind when a button is pressed ingame, be it leveling dinos or buying incubators. tho I agree the UI can certainly be better designed, to create friendlier user experiences. I for one has accidentally bought incubators w/o realising it lol.