Green Boxes

Need to appear more frequently.

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There is a huge disballance with green tower spawn.
I have about 8-10 supply drops in reach and in average 1-2 are green but sometimes there is not even single one ahead. This is going to be a prob during lockdown so unable to collect stuff.

Another joke is with boosts related to green towers only.
It should be like 2-2-2 boosts on green towers and 4-4-4 on supply drops or something like this.
It is nonsense to bound all of them to green towers because sometimes unable to collect them…
Food is also divided between both kind of towers so why boosts are not?

This week i had 0-1 green boxes in my reach, last week i had 6-8.^^

My goodness I haven’t been able to almost find a single green drop through the entire day they are almost no existent. For miles just one or two spawns scattered around. Of course you had to this on one of the best week of the year and not a Copy and paste week. Seriously so much for working on the game for the better and especially in a pandemic that seems to be getting worse you really want people out and about hunting?

Pls if anyone else is having this issue let it be know here cause I hope it’s not just my area that being rapped on like this.

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I’ve noticed the same. Strike towers are too common and have replaced my usual green drops.

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Honestly it’s way too much that’s been replaced plus if they planned this why not just increase the amount of spawns in the first place it’s not like anyone would complain