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Green Drops and VIP members


As a VIP member I expect on events to get at least one green drop within sight that was why I became VIP as with limited mobility I thought I could still enjoy all aspects of the game, since new schedule etc has started I am not getting any on most events , this is not about having to walk/drive about as we all do that to certain points but if you look on maps I have put up its about in the amount of supply drops not 1 green drop.
It’s only since new event schedule, on average with that many drops about 1 at least should be green in sight,


I mean not even one in sight


Other way … absolutely none


So that completes all round view and none , I think it’s just making ME and if others in my area just think it’s nit worth the money we have already put into the game and future money we would put in


You are looking for super VIP, it gives you access to local area 5.


How do you get that ?


VIP is probably not for you.

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I am already vip and have been since I started game,it worked really well for me until latest changes


You really get the most value out of VIP by moving around. I’m sorry that your situation doesn’t allow that, but a lot of games like this and Pokemon go require you to walk or at least Drive.


I said I have limited mobility not that I don’t move around at all but look at the maps, no green drops at all even further than the range of vip drone coverage, it’s all since new event schedule, you used to be able to at least see 1 even if a little bit away but look how many supply drops , at least 1 should be green even if just by law of averages.
The point I am trying to make is since the new event schedule things have changed by how many appear not so much in what the distance is , it’s more about the amount