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Green drops are out of control

Yes, but I have VIP. Without I would have 7

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Just make drops everywhere, 50/50 green and orange but double the amount of drops, sorted!


If everyone had 20 drops in range, nobody would have problems to dart event dinos or max coins etc.

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In fact we don’t need drops if we could collect the “map rewards” ingame. Same as add raid bosses to the arena page. Want to raid a certain boss? Just click the button ingame and send invites. Battle epic strike tower? Select ingame.
It would make that everything is in reach of everyone. No more unfairness.

Naw there is way more to playable locations then that… Ludia literally pays google for the use of this engine and it’s more akin to an ar game “rpg maker” then a map with some spawn locations. That platform can make biome specific spawns… elevation specific spawns…and lots more. No game is really tapping into the more advanced features.

“ You can space-out rare game objects nicely by configuring spacing . SpacingOptions define the spacing, not just between those of a particular game object type, but from all other game object types as well. This scheme defines an implicit hierarchy: the first game object type should be the rarest (with the largest spacing), while the last game object type should be the most common (with the smallest spacing).”


“ The spacing is a greedy algorithm. It optimizes for selecting the highest ranking locations first, not to maximize the number of locations selected. Consider the following scenario:

  • Rank: A: 2, B: 1, C: 3.
  • Distance: A–200m–B--200m–C

If spacing=250, it will pick the highest ranked location [B], not [A, C].


Spacing works within the game object type itself, as well as the previous ones. Suppose three game object types, each with the following spacing:

  • X: 400m, Y: undefined, Z: 200m.
  1. Add locations for X, within 400m of each other.
  2. Add locations for Y, without any spacing.
  3. Finally, add locations for Z within 200m of each other as well X and Y.”

On top of this it talks about two different location types… snap point and center point. Theres references to other types as well but that leads me to a 404 page.

I don’t even think this game uses the “center point” spawns because snap point are snapped to a road or sidewalk. Which explains why the walking dead game has stuff that spawns off the roads and this game doesn’t. Maybe that’s what screws up the ratios.


Thanks for the explanation.
It’s clear that it’s just not that simple.
The main problem is that everyone has to kinda see the same drops and towers, which you cannot do if every game client provides all the locations. And Ludia cannot provide these locations themselves either, because they don’t know enough about the map and its features. So Google has to be used, and that leads to unpredictable outcomes.

Yeah and let’s not forget this game switched to unity and the google map platform halfway into development so they could just focus on the non map aspects of the game. Like balance… or not.

And Ludia definitely has some blame to play here and some communication would be great.

Fact is Ludia really uses the bare minimum amount of features as far as the platform goes. I’m really interested in knowing if the walking dead game uses all possible playable locations or if it adds its own. If it uses all possible points I’d estimate Ludia uses maybe 25% of all possible points and that’s generous. I could see it being an issue if Ludia is filtering out those points after they’ve been assigned an object. Because last week looked like they changed the value of green stops with an equally terrible result.

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Green drops flooded the map for like a week and then last night I had maybe 3 on a 12 mile drive

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When I first signed in today I noticed they had changed position in relation to my home, and then I noticed it’s the same further out.

I used to have 9 within my house range (non-VIP) and now I’m reduced to just 6? Not only does that reduce what I get out of them, thus increasing how many rounds I have to spin to obtain what I want out of the supply drops, it also reduces my chances of the green supplies under which will be event week creatures.

Swear Ludia are doing their best to butcher this game

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These changes where you get more or less in the range of your house are usually caused by Google making changes in the map.