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Green drops improvement

It probably won’t be possible for many players to dart all rare attempts on the now exclusive Dilophosaurus, we all know that there aren’t many green supply drops around and when you find a green drop, there’s a 33% chance of it being a Dilophosaurus and 66% chance of spawning one of the rares salamanders, and they also have to add the incubators strikes, scent strikes, boost strikes and all those strikes… So here’s an idea to improve the green supply drops system:

If this can be added, it will be a lot easier to dart all the attempts on the Dino you want even with the low percentage of green drops… You just have to find a green drop and chose either one of the three or you can dart all three of them


That would actually be awesome great idea but I think it would get way to over crowded

It’s extremely difficult to find all the rare attempts, especially with the low percentage of green drops. About the crowded you said, maybe the dino keeps rotating every minute or 5 minutes…