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Green drops out of range

This past week, the green drops have been out of range for me, and I didn’t get to dart any of the event creatures. This has been in existence for the whole week. I can’t reach the green drops I see in the distance cause they’re too far away, atleast if they’re a bit close, I can walk a few metres. Please make the green drops in range.
Edit: I know it’s too late for this week, atleast for the next week, fix this.

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Same here…

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Make the drops in range!

That one only spawns common creatures. I haven’t darted a single rare. Please I would like the rare drops to be in range.

Ok now that has vanished and now I don’t have any green drops in range… What am I supposed to do now?!

Seriously, I’m not joking… What am I supposed to do? I can’t dart any of the rares.

Hey Indominus11, I’m sorry to hear that you don’t have any event supply drops within your range right now. As supply drops could move around, it might explain why the one you had near you had vanished.

However, could I ask you to take a screenshot of your map and send it over to our team here at Please include the date and time of the screenshot as well.


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same problem here! :confounded:

Can’t even complete strike events!

Agreed, distribution is awful this week and not many of them about.

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And it hasn’t changed after the update. I contacted that email address they provided and they never replied back … hope the support group will help though! I can’t even access my local Sanctuary