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Green drops spawn ratio

We are happy that drone area has increased since lockdown pandemic so we can reach more drop towers than before.
What still remains tragic is algorithm for green drop towers. There is no logic for spawn and support fairytale about “POI” is just a joke. For example today only 1 available green drop changed to boost tower and guess what? It becames normal tower so there is not even a single green drop in reach anymore! It is repeating over and over again and there is about 1-2 days per week we are unable to collect any green drop items when locked at home.
Change this stupid mechanism and GUARANTEE us that from 5 towers in reach at least 1 gonna be green. We are not interested to hear how spawn is driven by POI, random sunshine or weather forecast etc. There are still the same number of towers/places given by POI and it is just changing kind of towers. So please fix current crazy system to at least 1:5 ratio. Thanks


On I think Saturday I went from having 5 to 1 near me. :roll_eyes:

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There are never enough green supply drops, ever!

I have 19 supply drops in my VIP range, most days I see 2 - 3 are green, if I am lucky I can have up to 5.

They really need to up the amount populated and also, please make it so they can’t be overwritten by a strike event. Yesterday I had 2 green supply drops, today one of them got overwritten by a strike event so now I only have 1. 1 out of 19 possible, that is sad.

Looking around off in the distance I can see around 50 supply drops, of which only 5 are green. Ludia has been doing a terrible job of populating green supply drops for a long time. Please increase the amount populated and make them so they can’t be overwritten with other events. Please listen to your customers!


The ratio should be 1:3, so that you have a chance to max the coins on the regular supply drops and ESDs (7.5k and 15k coins per day). The ratio is the same for sanctuary resources, you get 4 from SDs and 2 from ESDs. What is more, now that you get boosts from ESDs, the ratio should clearly be increased from the current 5-10%.


Not only the green drops, also strike towers and almost everything else witch is interesting is most of the time placed out of my drone area. Forcing me to go outside, or not to play. And that while there’s Covid and we’re locked at home…
NOT A GOOD LUNAR PARTY, Ludia. Let us play safe…thanks

Ludia: Sure!..whats your address

But i agree…had to drive for 2 hours to finish the greens today.

Yesterday two greens in ragne for the first time in forever. Today you removed one and made it, a regular drop! WHY!?!?!

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Don’t you think they know where you live? / play the most?

It’s been really bad the past few weeks. I’ve gone from usually having a couple of green drops in range to having one, or sometimes zero (like today). I can reach 14 drops from home; at least one of those should be green.

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Yeah, support’s claims that POIs play a significant role in the algorithm for supply drops are ridiculous. I live in a historic mixed-use neighborhood with points of interest (restaurants, houses of worship, public buildings, schools historic markers, parks, etc.) scattered throughout. But the supply drops and chests are more likely to be at someone’s house or in an alley or in a parking lot than at any of the POIs. I work on a college campus, which yesterday had not a single green drop except for way out on the fringes – on the edge of a parking lot and in an unused field. It’s like the developers are going out of their way to make the game unplayable on foot.

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Ludia POI excuse is nonsense! You have number of towers given by POI which is true (more POI = more towers nearby) but POI doesnt affect a kind of towers. It is driven by some algorithm.
They are rotating kind of towers (the same spot is one day green tower, next day boost tower, on weekend it is coin chest etc.) so they can decide if such tower is green or not. Their POI fairytale is absolutely silly.


Dear Ludia

What is going on with your green supply drops? It has been over 8 days since I have had one within even a mile of my location. I drove 20 miles round trip today and got 11 or 12 of them. This is non sense. One day there will be a bunch and the next day you hardly find them. I drive over 30 miles to work and can’t get enough to close them out. Why did you decrease them?

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I can see exactly 70 drops from my house. Today, zero of them are green.

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I have 0 green drops within range and only 2 in my entire visible range this evening. And it’s still raining. Terrible.

Edit: Today, Valentines Day, I have 3 within range (1 of which is right next to me), and 29 in my entire visible range.

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Yesterday 2 greens from 11 around. Today ZERO! When Ludia is going to fix it ?!!!?

The dev team is aware of the issue and working on it.

11 supply drops in range… ZERO event supply drop in range!