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Green Event Drops Park Bound!

I was about to come on and comment about the lack of green drops for this week’s event (last week was fine) but the penny has just dropped … in my town at least they are only located in parks … this is like going back to 1.4 or whenever it was …

That explains why I can’t find many.
I would normally be annoyed, but massive amounts of regular SD’s on an abandoned road with a slow 15MPH cruise is raking in crazy amounts of proximity spawns.
Ludia is most certainly doing some sort of experiment. (I kinda like it 7 epic Ankys last night)

Your town must have got the bad luck of the draw. Where I’m at, I see 2 green drops in a tiny park way behind me and 5 way spread out. They are way spread out. I’m sure those chests are taking some amount that could be the event drops.

Yeah its a local thing… lack of green drops is the real issue… in a run that i normally see 15 green drops… i saw 3… but nowhere near anything this game would call a park.