Green event drops!


Ludia please make the green event drops immune to event towers, as this past week I lost the 2 parks in my town to the strike towers over taking them. I had to drive to a big city just to find a green supply drop to do the epics on the weekend. When it was fine before the influx of strike events PLEASE HELP!!!


It’s so annoying I have one park here with 3 drops and two are now strike events what’s even the point. I live in the country I can’t travel hours a day to get to another park :sweat_smile:


I live in the country too. But this is the view from my house…



There is no middle finger big enough. :laughing:




Everyone come to my town! :laughing:


You can go off some people very quick on these forums. :rofl:


Welcome to jurrasic world unbalanced.


I really think they did that on purpose so people would have problems getting rare DNA. There are many regular supply drops in other places, high streets and so on, so they should not use them for strike events at all. :frowning: I also lost so many green supply drops in all those parks I go to.