Green Event Stops disappearing.. again

Here we go…
last week ludia nerfed the green event stops and everyone noticed. (something that didn’t Changing in the first place)
Finding event Dinos was more annoying than fun.

Then they fixed it back to the original distribution…

And here we are with the weekend epics…
Back to 1 green event per 15-20 regular stops.

This is starting to get tedious

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I live in a moderate big city and i can only See 1 Green stop between 10-15 orange ones… i dont think i can get all 9 attempts:(

Tons of supply drops near me but of the 3 parks in my view 1 is empty of any spots and other 2 have only 1 now.

At least with just 9 attempts while being a bit more tedious I won’t have 30 epics we can’t even go for staring at me judging my darting skills.

3 of my close green stops have been replaced with completed stroke towers from yesterday. :+1:t2:

I would agree with you, because I have always had a problem with green supply drops, until today