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Green lampposts

hi please could someone explain to me,there are no green supply drops anywhere to be seen on the map for lots of players in my clan, also if a player does find any there unable to open them.please any help would be great as i can inform the players whats wrong and how long until it’s resolved.many thanks dinodaddy Andy

Hey Dinodaddy, could you please try force closing and then relaunching your game and see if that helps? If you or your clanmates are having issues opening supply drops, please email our support team here at with the support key from your game included in the email, so our team can take a closer look at this.


hi Nes thanks for the reply i did the force close as you suggested and its been fine since i posted info to clan and nobody has complained since so thanks, on another matter i contact customer support recently regarding issues with adding friends im unable to send or receive friend reqs which is a real pain as i cant inv clan members to raids!! ive had no reply to that maybe you could suggest next steps? or could you advise how to sort this issue? cheers Andy,Dinodaddy weirdos utd clan

my typing lol should have spelt Ned