Green land all around me


Hi just started about a week ago and then today all of a sudden everything around me is green when it wasn’t when I started


Hey SFGNDynomite, that sounds a little weird, try turning the location setting on your device off and on and see if that helps. If you also searched “GPS” on our FAQ, it’ll give you more information on how you can troubleshoot GPS issues:

If you’re still having a problem, contact our support team with any screenshots of this issue and your support key, you can email them here at


I had already done that I try a fix the GPS because it is slightly off…typically when driving it is slightly off. Als I guess I should mention I live in the mountains, and inbetween a National forest and State Parks


I’m sorry if the steps didn’t help. The signals might not be that good around areas like mountains or forest, which might be the reason why it’s causing this. Sadly, there’s not much we can really do about this if you had already tried the troubleshooting steps. Our support team might be able to help if you contacted them. However, our staff have been getting a lot more tickets lately so it might take some time for them to get back to you.


It really doesn’t matter to to me, it does not seem to affect my game play, so no biggie. Just giving you guys a heads up in case it means something bigger on you side. Oh and hey there is a supply drop that if you could move it like 40 feet closer to my house so that way I am not going outside at 1230 in my PJs that would be great…lol J/K bro. Have a great day. :slight_smile: