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Green, numbered sanctuaries

What’s with these?

It’s a L4 sanctuary with Tuo in it I believe.

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That’s my creature. It was green, empty (always is empty) and was level 4 before I put the Tuo in it.

Now, it’s disappeared with a standard one in it’s place. I can access it only through my alliance.

That’s a weird one.
I’ve seen empty numbered ones before, but only when all the dinos timed out before it expired.

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Somebody else used.

Here it is now, just placed Tuo in it a few minutes ago.
Same sanctuary. Now empty.

I fear my Tuo is gone forever.

Sanctuary expired, I guess.

No, this is next to work. It has been unused for however long sanctuaries have been around.

The one creature was placed by me.

Well, that was a fast 9 days and 22 hours. less than 15 minutes had passed.

No, it did not expire.

Silly question, but did you restart your game? That’s really odd that it shows to be empty.

Thanks for providing these screenshots, DragonHunter. Our team would be happy to take a closer look at this.

Could you send those screenshots along with your support key to our support team at Thanks!

Will do.
It appears and disappears (switches between green with my creature and regular color no number with no creatures) depending on how you enter/return to the map.

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I’ve been noticing sanctuaries empty at level 2 even after reset. I think ludia has some starting levelled to make people think there’s actual players around them.

DragonHunter: The Sanct by my house that I’m always in ALWAYS show Empty (stupidest thing ever) but they are all in there if I go in. One time they all disappeared. They found their way back OK after the 2 days… Tuo won’t be forever lost.

Tech support assures me this is an as intended function. Nothing to worry about.