Green spaces removed from parks


I noticed a lot of the green supply drops were removed from actual parks.


Yes but now event drops can be and are, everywhere. Much better.


Afaik those extra green spots are only for the flyer event.


Wait what? I didn’t see that in the release notes. Where did you read they were only for this event?


I thought because there were flyers on all of them they were exclusive for the flyers but it seems not.


It’s brilliant that they’ve added more green drops… but parks should have stayed as they were…

If you go to a park specifically you know you’re getting all the drops and picking up others throughout the day…


Most of our parks only had one, maybe 2 drops, so this is so much better.


Yes but there was no reason to change the parks…

Keep parks the same and just add more green drops like they have


I don’t live near park, but yesterday after update I had some green event drops and today after 3p.m. I opened game and noticed that I have 0 green drops near me so they removed all…


I haven’t checked out the park near me yet, but I managed to snag all my alloted attempts at the flying dinosaurs without setting foot in a park, so that is a plus.

On the downside, I now have a harder time balancing my POGO playing and my JWA playing… I’ll never get my POGO eggs hatched if I’m always nabbing event dinosaurs everywhere I walk! Lol.


Guess, it’s time to screw pigi. (; I absolutely love the changes so far. Got way more green drops now in our little village which got no use for an extra “park” besides the forests and lakes around.


They appear to move. Once the timer is up they disappear. But i already like a lot that way more blue drops can turn into green ones at the next spawn.


They removed some of the initial green supply drops (changed them back to orange), not all of them. Similar changes were made within a day of update 1.3 release.


They disappeared at 3p.m. and never came back where I live :confused:


Removed all in my village


Got a few ptero greens & just two with the current irritator, rex2… lasting only until tomorrow

Ah finally there is official news

Guess, we know for sure after the weekend.


Lol everyone will go for alanQQa