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Green Special Event Boxes

Can you please explain why 1 week we will see the special event boxes everywhere and the next week they are far and few between. This week, today specifically, out of 56 blocks in my neighborhood there were only 2 special event boxes. This isn’t just my neighborhood. Its everywhere I have gone. What’s worse is when I see a special event box and get to it there is no weekly dino. It’s been frustrating, or ridiculous. Walking it is an impossible task especially in Nothern Indiana. Its fricking cold. Driving to find the special event boxes means more gas which means less money in your pocket because I cant afford to buy the boosts. Why are we seeing less special event boxes???

Agreed. Last week I had my green coins way before my orange. Sure there’s less coins to collect but normally there are as many green drops.

This week. Yesterday and today I haven’t got my green coins yet and I’m still missing a sanctuary item on the green. Orange are complete. I still have all day tomorrow to finish my green coins after work. Well probably an hour or so after work tomorrow because I work 12 hr shifts.

Why aren’t these drops consistent?