Green special event supply drops reduced by 80%



Anyone else having this problem? Before1.3.11 came out in a 5km radius we had 6 green special event supply drops. After the patch 1.3.11 3 were removed. Now today another 2 were made strike and we only have one left. It seems to be random which will be strike but going from 6 to 1 green special event supply drops within 7 days is a bit too much I think :wink:


I also experienced this as well. I am sad for this because almost all green supply drops, in my city and in the city I work, disappeared… :sob:


I’ve experienced a drop as well. Both the park near my home and the one near my work only had 1 drop in them but they both now have nothing and my choice park that I drive to each day after work for an arvo hunt has dropped a few as well and some are now orange instead of green.

I am finding more orange supply drops though.


And now there’s none left. 10 min drive to the first one. This is a joke.